Pattaya Bar Girl Addicts

Are you a Pattaya Bar Girl Addict? Have you indulged yourself with the pleasantries of these beautiful ladies of the night? If you are one of the many Pattaya addicts who hop on a plane in your country far away from Thailand and take that 8 hour 10 hour or 20 hour journey to paradise then you will certainly find one or many of the books on this Pattaya bar girl addicts web site an interesting read.

How to Kill Time During Your Journey To Thailand

Hey that's a long journey so during your flight why not prepare yourself for your Pattaya adventure. Turn your visit into an unforgettable experience with some of the bar girl resources we have prepared for Pattaya addicts like you. Maybe you are not a Pattaya addict just yet. If you haven't visited Pattaya but are planning to do so in the near future then there is one book I highly recommend you read. It's Pattaya Bar Girls Report.

"Pattaya Bar Girls Report" is not full of pictures of sexy Thai bar girls.It is packed with great advice, tips and real life experiences that occurred in Pattaya in the past few years. I know some seasoned Pattaya Addicts who have read "Pattaya Bar Girls Report" several times and still use the report as a guide. It is honest and will even save you some money.

Here is what one reader had to say:
An absolute must-read for the new visitor to Pattaya as well as the seasoned traveller.
Packed with time and money saving tips and maybe also save you a lot of heartache in the long run, Keep up the good work.

Download Pattaya Bar Girls Report

Bill Williams, the author of the report has presented 115 issues that you should familiarize yourself with before stepping off the plane in Bangkok. You have to be nuts if you don't read something like "Pattaya Bar Girls Report" before your first visit to Pattaya.

Enough of Bill's eBook for now. It's up to you whether or not you want to discover how other well informed Pattaya addicts navigate the bars, negotiate the girls and avoid the scams. By the way Bill has given a lot of advice about Pattaya bar girls that you will not find in forums on the internet.

He gets right into the culture and their way of thinking. Understanding just half the precepts will turn your Pattaya night life holiday into an adventure Pattaya bar girl addicts would envy.

How To Find Pattaya Bars

This is easy. Just arrive in Pattaya, settle into your hotel and relax a little after that long journey from your country to Thailand. Wait a minute you might be all hyped up if you have read any of the recommendations on this page and biting at the bit to put your newly acquired skills into practice.

Before venturing out to bar paradise, one of the first rules you should action when you go down to the reception to hand your key in is asking for a few hotel name cards to keep in your pocket.
New kid in town + gut full of alcohol + unfamiliar surroundings = "what's the name of that hotel?"

Sounds like I am advising you to do things face about like find your way home before you find your way to the bars. If you're going to be faceless you'll need the cards. Just grab those cards and get on with it. Now as you probably already know there are thousands of bars of varying kinds in Pattaya. How would you like a bar hopping map that shows you most of the bars and categorized in their bar types. Go Go bars, short time bars, beer bars and couples bars.

Thanks to one very talented Pattaya cartoonist there is such a map and it is updated three times per year. I will tell you more about that later and give you a link to a web page where you can download a copy of the map but first there are 4 other important issues you should attend to before leaving your hotel. One of these you should action before you make your hotel booking.

Important Hotel Protocol

(Because This Is Thailand.)

  1. Safety box protocol. This is important (Page 71) "Pattaya Bar Girls Report".
  2. Mini fridge check.
  3. Your hotel accommodation payment receipt.
  4. The "JOINER" protocol. This is the one you should action before booking your hotel.

Looking For Pattaya Bar Girls

So now you are ready to attack the bars. Better still you are ready to flirt with all those beautiful sexy bar girls.Here is something that you perhaps should not do.You stand at the entrance to your hotel and across the street you spot a bar full of pretty bar girls. This is the nightlife you have been told about.

You walk over to that bar; you begin chatting with the girls. You are attracted to a girl at the bar and you pay her "bar fine" and take her to your hotel room. Her name is Nok. Unless you are planning to spend the remainder of your holiday with Nok you have probably made a very big mistake. Say what?

Try to retain a low profile around your hotel. Why?
You might ask. I won't explain the cultural side of this situation because it would take several pages. I read about it in "Pattaya Bar Girls Report".

So here are the basics. If you want to be a "butterfly" and move from girl to girl, (we all do don’t we?) then choose girls from bars that are not near your hotel.

Choose a girl from a bar that you don't have to walk past to get to your hotel. This way, you won't create an awkward situation for yourself and your girls. Then you can bar fine each one several times. Isn't that great? Want more Pattaya bar girl information like this? Just fill in this form and I will send you the weekly newsletter from Pattaya.

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Negotiating With The Girls

This is the fun and interesting part of the Pattaya addicts Thai girl courting game. Take your time looking around before you choose a girl for your evening companion. Flitting from bar to bar checking out the girls and flirting with them is a good way to start your evening in Party city. Take it easy and slowly. Try not to fall for the first girl you meet. Remember there are thousands of Pattaya girls.That's why there are so many Pattaya addicts.

Before you take a girl from the bar you must pay a "bar fine". The "bar fine" is the fee paid to the owner of the bar. It is usually around 300 to 600 baht depending on what kind of bar the girl works in.

The bar fine compensates the bar owner for the loss in revenue that is generated through drinks bought for the girl. It also compensates for lack of luster. Less girls in the bar = less luster. Right?
If you really want to become an expert at negotiating with the girls then get a copy of Pattaya Bar Girls Report. The report has an entire chapter on how to get the best bang for your buck.

Oh before I forget here is a link to Pattaya Addicts ebooks reports page where you will find the Pattaya bar hopping map I mentioned plus several revealing reports about Thai girls and the Thai night life.